Keynotes and Workshops

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Speaking Engagements

Dee is an international speaker, who has spoken on many platforms including church programs, conferences, business meetings, and mass media (television, radio, and online platforms), as a keynote speaker and panel expert.

She is also an advocate for women and families affected by homelessness, suicide, domestic violence, unwanted pregnancy, racism, sexism, and many other issues by using her experiences to educate and provide support to those in need.

Some of the topics Dee is able to deliver include but not exhaustive:

  • Depression - Seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel
  • Domestic Violence - Bruised, but Not Broken!
  • Suicide - Saying No to Premature Death
  • Abortion - Forgiving and Living with it
  • Rejection and Abandonment - Overcoming and Rising Up
  • Bleeding Whilst Leading - Painful Leadership
  • Deborahs Rise Up - Women taking their places in society
  • Create Your Own Footprints

If you would like to invite Dee to speak at your event, please contact us.