Who Am I?

Well, let's see...I am a Certified Life Strategist.

  • From a rough and tough background born in Nigeria, growing up in London England, and now living in Alberta, Canada, I am a woman who has gone through a lot and still manages to stand and keep thriving. Yes shaken! but never broken!

  • ​I am a certified life coach, certified public speaker and business management.

  • An international speaker, who has spoken on many platforms including church programs, conferences, business meetings, and mass media (television, radio, and online platforms), as a keynote speaker and panel expert.

  • The founder of "I Choose Me Over Abuse" Dee is an advocate for women and families affected by homelessness, suicide, domestic violence, unwanted pregnancy, racism, sexism, and many other issues by using my experiences to educate and provide support to those in need.

  • My podcast The Real & Complete Show available on all major platforms focuses on my life experiences and encourages listeners to be their authentic selves, even when relating with others.

  • The founder of AWM Publishing House - a one-stop place for all authors to share their stories with the world.

  • I've authored several books, such as Celebrating Milestones, Know Before I Do, Lord Teach Me To Pray, etc. All are available on Amazon.

  • Lead Pastor at Genesis Life Centre Church. Married for over 28 years and mother to six amazing children.
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